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SK II Facial Treatment Clear lotion

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For years,  SK-II has continued to change the lives of generations of women by delivering the miracle of crystal clear skin. Experiencing the amazing skin transformation has led to the unchanging commitment of many loyal users to SK-II and  PiteraTM, the signature ingredient that is the heart of the brand.

A recent study on loyal SK-II users confirms the miracle of crystal clear skin. Results reveal SK-II users indeed have the secret key to crystal clear skin, with both long-term benefits as well as short-terms benefits.  Loyal SK-II users were found to have clearer and more translucent skin compared to non-users. The study also revealed that loyal users have better basic skin conditions:

Lighter skin tone

Better moisturisation levels

Skin firmness that is closer to that of younger women

Better sebum condition

Containing AHA, this wipe-off clarifying lotion gently removes dirt and dead skin cells while preparing skin for optimal nutrient absorption. Leaving skin clean, lively and perfectly conditioned.

Conditions. Purifies. Perfectly prepares skin for Facial Treatment Essence. This crystal clear skin refining lotion with Hydroxy-Acids, soothing moisturizers and Pitera is the final step of your purifying ritual. Alcohol-free.

The best clarifying lotion I had ever used; powerful enough to purify & exfoliate my complexion, yet gentle enough to be used daily, without causing irritation / redness / flakiness; All with the benefits of Pitera, AHA & BHA, sans alcohol.

My secret to crystal clear, radiant skin.


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