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Oskia Get Up & Glow

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Instant radiance, energy, protection for a brighter future !

With MSM, Ribose, Butterbur, Swiss Apple Stem Cells

Get Up & Glow is an instant revitalizing and energising serum that brightens the skin by increasing cell respiration. It is also enriched with youth-boosting nutrients and polypeptides that visibly illuminates after only one application.

Oskia’s unique dual approach actively brightens and firms, evens skin tone, smoothes the appearance of fine lines, protects against everyday environmental, seasonal and lifestyle damage, while also providing essential cell nutrients to help improve cell health in the long term.

This refreshing serum leaves skin looking brighter, healthier and smoother, with a youthful, radiant glow.

Enriched with not 1 but 12 beauty-boosting actives including:

Ribose, known as the beauty sugar, immediately energizes, revitalizes and brightens by boosting oxygen intake to recharge cell energy ATP to benefit all cellprocesses.

Natural light reflecting pigments add lustre to tired skin.

Galactoarabinan, a vegetable alternative to collagen, known to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Milk Peptides immediately lift, firm and tone the skin leaving a natural sheen and radiance by increasing the thickness of the epidermis, stimulating cell-to-cell communication, boosting key elements of the Dermo-Epidermal junction making nutrients more available to the skin.

Soothing Butterbur reduces redness and irritation.

OSKIA’s MSM complex aids collagen production and keeps skin strong, supple and porous.

Swiss Apple Stem Cells and  help prolong the life of skin cells and help repair and protect DNA.

O3 Stressed Yeast Lysate, a live yeast cell derivative,  increases cell respiration to promote wound healing and strongly protects fragile cellular DNA, RNA and skin lipids after sun exposure.

Elite grade Hyaluronic acid and biosaccharides provide long lasting hydration, plump up the skin, stimulate the production of Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), making skin appear plumper and smoother.

Prebiotic Oligosaccharide protects and stimulates the skin’s defense barrier by preventing colonization by harmful flora.

Powerful antioxidant Immortelle Blue, Vitamin E and prebiotics protect against free radicals, harmful bacteria and UV damage.

This serum is incredibly amazing.

It is certainly one of the top 3 skin care product I had used in 2009.

This is what I called pre-party  must have that gives you a post-coital glow. The radiant sheen you get from this pearlised serum is magical.

A nicely formulated serum, exotically scent with rose-lychee that firms, smoothes and illuminates my complexion.My skin appears revitalised and plumped, even after all those late nights and 4 hours of sleep!

This also serves a great make up base /primer; tried & tested on my drained complexion  during the festive season. My foundation glides on effortlessly and stays put, despite all those indulgences.

I call this my skin miracle, its like a food supplement that nourish my complexion; It’s youth enhancing and IMO should be in the emergency kit of every beauty queen / fashionista.

Honestly, I am not a big fan of organic products or “green” cosmetics; but Oskia does have me converted.

Photo by Hannah Havoc from DeviantArt

Art work by Daniel Brown


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