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Crazy Moments 2009

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1 ) Resigned from my could-be-better-paid job; it feels good to tell your boss to fuck off, once in a while.

2 ) Bought a Chanel, a Jimmy Choo, and a Prada bag, all within 2 weeks. At least the Prada bag was on sales.

3 ) Joined the never-ending Q for a 5 minutes shopping in the dedicated Jimmy Choo section in H&M Regent Street. Pink plastic clutch, anyone?

4 ) Tried leggings on, and loved it. Velvet, jersey leggings are so comfortable. Should have got the leather one!

5 ) Enrolled in post graduate distance learning programme, and used my student ID for discount, from to Topshop. Education sure pays off.

6 ) Flaunting my zebra print jacket; very ” Ab-Fab ” moment. Thank God no one called me Patsy!

7 ) Wearing Chanel Hysteria lipstick, to a Chinese restaurant for Sunday breakfast. Black sesame paste anyone?

8 ) Took the midnight coach, waited in the airport in the early hours, for several hours, all for the sake of cheap flight Air Asia.

9 ) Working on Christmas, Boxing day, Hogmanay & New Year. I love my job.

10 ) Booked 3 vacations in January/February 2010. I need a holiday holidays.

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